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why we need your cooperation

Because a better life and Great Nation


1. To democratically empower the young people by availing them a robust political platform for self- expression, sense of belonging, and freedom of democratic choice.
2. To enthrone the Nigerian citizen as the prime natural resource of the Nation and heal him of identity crisis through various means including but not limited to self-discovery policies.
3. To strengthen the three tiers of Government by optimizing their potentials for socio-economic growth for sustainable development.
4. To decentralize power at the center through devolution of powers to the States, Local Governments and Communities for rapid, sustained and balanced national development.
5. To exploit and harness our rich human and materials resources for scientific and technological development. To discover and maximize youth with ideas and launch them as great exports for the common good of the federation
6. To protect and defend all Nigerian citizens both at home and in the Diaspora, as well as its terrestrial space.


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